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London was a real high. The room seemed tailor made for me and this particular audience. People sat on the floor, and the total support and love was so palpable from where I stood. I was really nervous before the show. (I always am.)


nerves! photo susannah conway (notice handknit sweater coat...)


But it was such a love fest from the beginning that I just melted into the dreaminess.

photo, susannah conway


My friend Susannah trekked in from BATH, and helped calm  my jitters by telling dirty stories back stage.

me and susannah.


Ben and Wolfie from Marshall Arts (our London promoters) traded even dirtier stories

but Ben, god bless him, wore his red sox hat! (photo, susannah conway)


And five lovely women came all the way from Paris to hang out, do a little interview and help me with my set list. ;)

Marie Laure, Helene, Melody, Jessica, Sandra

I can't thank you all enough for this beautiful evening.

Off to Salford Keys tonight. I think it's right outside of Manchester. Then on to Denmark tomorrow. I'm doing four gigs and two songwriting/guitar workshops. Can't wait to see what's happening in the beautiful DK.

Meanwhile, I keep forgetting to talk about the songwriting workshop/class I'm offering as part of the SQUAM ART WORKSHOPS in September.  I think I've written about it before, but it bears reminding. Last fall's session was one of the most beloved experiences of my life. And I was just there to hang out and be the local songbird. Well, even if you doubt your talents, whether it's ukelele, kazooo, painting, writing, photography, Squam is the most reaffirming, nurturing place I've ever been. Check it out. I promise my class will be fun, It's not a scary audition, it's just exploring that intense magical process of distilling things into verse and chorus. YUM. Go HERE to read more about it.


more very soon, esp. if there are sheep traipsing around Denmark!

pre-show huddle




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