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On the way down to Leicester, I had to stop one more time. There were baby lambs EVERYWHERE. As if, overnight, every mama had delivered. I climbed a hill to get a closer shot, and sure enough on the way back down, a big farmer in worn wellies came after me with a shovel. I assured him I was a vegetarian and just wanted a cute picture for my website and got back in my car. Did I really look like a lamb wrangler?



Leicester was a hoot. There's no real backstage, so I just hung out with my champion Kim Heath at the bar.


Knitting always comes in handy when you're killing time.


It was nice to see so many familiar faces! My favorite fan there, Graham sat with his ear practically ON the right hand stack of speakers all night. And I think I saw a tear when I sang "Je N'peux pas te plaire" as he remembered a long ago couple of nights in Paris. He couldn't remember her name...

Norwich, well, I got to do a radio show with the SHERRIFF!!


Need I say more? I had the most fabulous time hanging out at the BBC with David, Kevin and Mr. Roy Waller himself. We covered pretty much everything in our interview; the mature cheese and wine night in town, bad American drivers, the history of folk music, his huge golden necklace that comes with the gig but has to stay in a vault somewhere. (it's worth 19,000 pounds I'm told.) If you get a chance to tune in, check him out.
The concert at Norwich was really lovely.

The arts center took such good care of us, and the audience was super supportive. I've been trying to get the normally reserved, polite brits to get a little rowdy. Finally, they've started yelling out the songs they want to hear! Otherwise, people would come up to me afterwards to buy a CD and say, "oooh, I wish you would have done "West Point." Well, how was I to KNOW?
Yesterday My princess pal, Nolwenn Leroy came to London to demo the two little songs we wrote in French a couple weeks back.



We had a ball. Avril and Andy manned the studio – they have a great little production set up right near Parson's Green.


I think we might be on to something. Nolwenn had a cold and insisted she didn't like how she sounded. The rest of us were swooning because that little bit of congestion made her sound even more poignant.

Bush Hall in London tonight. Come on down, and don't be shy. I've got chocolate and bickies, and some new skeins of organic british WOOL!


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