Oh Susannah

Finally got internet after a few days stranded. What did we ever do before?

I spent a lovely day off in BATH with my friend Susannah Conway. She's a photographer, writer, blogger. And she's doing a really cool on-line photography/writing course. This session is full, but check it out for her next run in May.


polaroid photo, Susannah Conway


me and Susannah


Of course we found the coolest Lingerie shop in Bath. And got great advice from the lingerie expert, Bridget. Her shop is called THE DRESSING ROOM. Very naughty.


JB and Bridget


Then we checked out the charity shops. What a great outfit, and all for a good cause!

Bristol was a triumphant return visit. St. Bon's is a funny living room like gig. Hot and sweaty, the way I like it. And people almost in your lap. It was great to be back and fill it up. The opening band was AWESOME. Called PHANTOM LIMB. Beautiful Yolanda filled the house with her soulful Power house voice. And she was dressed like Dorothy in gingham pinafore and red patent leather ruby slippers. The harmonies with her guitarist and upright bass player were sublime. They did an old Hank Williams song about being ready for the Angel of Death. Oh my. Chills and tears. I'm just pissed I didn't get a picture.


I did, however,  get to meet my biggest Bristol fan, Martin (Sassi the wedding dress genius's husband, and his friend Steve)

Martin, JB, Steve


Yesterday morning before we left STOWEY BOTTOM, we traipsed around the gorgeous muddy fields. There are all these signs  "Please keep dogs on leads, Sheep are in Lamb."  All I could think about was making another sweater!!





little brook


Kim, my fearless promoter, Deb and me


So far the only knitting store I've found was in Putney near where I stay. It's called STASH. Although next time, I'm planning to go to I KNIT LONDON."  It sounds like a hoot, two guys started it, and they have a full bar in the place!! So you can go hang out and do some tipsy knitting. They got tired of cycling across London to find and sell yarn, and then still having to go home and knit alone. Everyone knows it's way more fun to knit in drunken company. Knitting and bitching.

Last night was Birmingham. A tiny little room at a complex called the GLEE CLUB. Well, I loved it. The audience was a bit sassier than Bristol, well, maybe I was a bit sassier myself – I'm always a bit nervous the first gig back after a long time home. So I'd gotten the jitters out.
Onward, drove North into the Lake District today. BEAUTIFUL. Just gearing up for the gig tonight in KENDAL. On the lookout for local wool!!! Come on down, and bring the bickies and chocolate.



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