finally Bob

It was so good to see Bob Harris again, in fine form I might add, arms open wide.

I got there around 11:30 and got to hang out and listen to the gorgeous mix of things he'd picked for the evening. The highlights? Something new from MICHACHU & SHAPES called "curly teeth." And a new song from Rachel Yamagata called "Over and Over."

His producer Pam wore her ruby slippers in honor of Valentine's day.


pam's ruby slipper

And she and Gabby and George couldn't have been lovelier.

pam, george and gabby


Today I decided to go to my favorite little haunt in Notting Hill. It's called Negozio Classica. They have the best cappuccino in London, fabulous Italian wines, yummy things to eat and a very low key vibe.

Everyone who works there is super cool. I gave them a record and I got a little taste of dessert wine. Fair trade don't you know! They seemed to like THE WORKS as they were already playing it as I left.

Joanna, Giulia, Samantha




Enrico was too shy for the photo...


I just love this place.


I also met a famous British wedding dress designer at the little place I stay when I'm here. Her name is Sassi Holford.

 me and Sassi


Just in case any of you are in the market. Her work is exquisite. She was in London for the shows, and her daughter was on hand to model the little bridesmaid dresses. All in the family.
I love staying in London, I just never know who I might meet.

It is, of course raining again. We had a few hours this morning unencumbered. So I have decided to take the rest of the day to work on some new ideas.

Thanks to Bob Harris and team for championing good music over here.

pip pip, cheerio I'm going to make some tea.




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