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bridge near Chalk Farm. kinda how I feel. koala in headlights.


DOLLHOUSE is almost upon us. In fact Friday the 13th is the premier. Fox took the bootleg of the video of the theme song down from YOUTUBE. ;( 


We'll keep you posted as to where and when it shows up next. I guess it's only right that they control how they roll the show out. I would feel the same about a new record!
That being said ;) I hope the show kicks BUTT. I LOVED the original little tease. I loved the pilot. It was so sexy and ridiculously far fetched. Addictive. Go Eliza and Joss. I'm rooting for you!! For us all.


steady on


Well Joss's idea for the theme was Jonatha Brooke singing "Careful What You Wish For" meets Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies! So of course I called Eric Bazilian and we rocked it up. 

is mercury out of retrograde yet?

The full length version is called "What You Don't Know" -- weird --
 I wrote a little pretentious, overwrought song in college called "What You Don't Know Won't Hurt You." It was influenced by that flinty Suzanne Vega sound. The second line was, "Don't touch the stove it's hot." (cringe)

Writing this from London. They were warning of more ‘severe weather' here today. HA. It's raining. Apparently they've just recovered from last week's snow. We got a little review in the London Sunday Times yesterday, so that didn't suck. Except they spelled my name JOHNATHA. Come on now people! What will it take, although i suppose it's better than JONATHAN.

I'm taping the Bob Harris show tomorrow, to be broadcast on the 14th. More soon. Go DOLLHOUSE.

p.s. the official WORKS release in the UK is next week. Trumpets please.



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