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Ok it's official. The new class listings are up for the SQUAM ART WORKSHOPS in beautiful New Hampshire on Squam Lake. (Think "On Golden Pond.") I am planning a daylong songwriting workshop. A little bit of music biz travelling, and then jumping into the mystery and magic of making little two and a half minute stories with music. There are also sessions in June this year – textiles, sewing knitting. YUMMM.

The other courses look incredible. I think I will try to be braver this year and jump into some kind of visual art crash course adventure. I've always felt intimidated by that kind of thing so why not? Last year I had to buy a camera to participate in Andrea Scher's photography/superhero course, so what about some paint brushes and glue and watercolor paper!!

The holidays were blissfully uneventful. Some days, I barely made it out of my pajamas. I've been knitting, renting movies, reading amazing poetry, re-discovering how inspiring WRITER writers are. In my pile at the moment: Sharon Olds (all time beloved) her new book "One Secret Thing" is just out. I will never tire of the violence and gristle of her work. I'm revisiting Wislawa Szymborska heaven. Marilynne Robinson's "Home" is on the pile. I loved "Gilead" so much I had to see what she's done next. And then there's a quirky book of short stories I can't get enough of "No one belongs here more than you" by Miranda July. Between the knitting and the reading (ok, and CSI re-runs) I'm a happy couch potato.

i think this will be a coat??


the world in a ball of yarn

I'm sure I will be extra restless soon. I do miss the road when I'm home for too long. Once all the laundry's done and I've tinkered with the bits and pieces of songs begun along the way, I need to get back out there and fight the fight. SING in a ROOM with PEOPLE. I think I will never tire of this, even though the traveling is grueling and uncomfortable, I am grateful night after night to be doing what I LOVE.

One more for the road… last weekend we were at a friend's house and I caught this little cutie reading Willie Nelson's new book with her psychedelic glasses on.

the tao of willie


It's a gray gloomy day. Another good day to knit, re-group, conserve, re-connect. Weird how this time of year can be so festive and so discombobulating. I miss the routines and the frantic overscheduled days!! I'm sure they're coming.


gray window day


more soon, i swear!!




 p.s. you MUST look at this video recap of SQUAM ART WORKSHOPS on Jen Gray's site. Everything she says is true. If you have any inkling, fibre, notion, leading you to a crayon or a ukelele or a needle and thread....


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