thank you dr. pellicci

I am officially bionic. It makes sense, I was a huge fan of Lindsay Wagner in "The Bionic Woman." And I've always wanted a big scar.

Thank you Dr. Pellicci.

It is so strange to be going through what my mother did, but as me. Young (ish), fit, mentally intact, able to advocate for myself, make choices about doctors, hospitals, pain, when I'd prefer to go home, how ready I am to walk, to eat.

sunrise, pre-op, at hospital for Special Surgery, NYC

(Dr. Pellicci's very cool signature, just to make sure he fixed the right one.....)

I have been managing what my mom would have laughingly called a "gammy" hip for many many years now. A consequence of 28 years of ballet and modern dance, and hip dysplasia - "You know, like big dogs have" said Dr. Pellicci. (Finally, comfirmation, -  as I've always maintained that I was a golden retriever in another life. I am relentlessly optomistic, loyal, and will always bring the ball back.)

So Tuesday morning I got a completely new right hip. I am already thinking of the medley I will have to sing.... "need a new hip, one that won't make me sick... one that won't make me dance too hard, or make me feel three feet thick." into "What is hip? by Tower of Power... into Ann Murray's "I know I'll never need that hip again, but I keep holding on, although the pain is gone..."

You get the picture.

So far it's been a pretty remarkable experience: of course the few days leading up brought some frenzied tidying, and some existential scary"what if" thinking. But over all I went in pretty psyched that I was finally DOING something.

Ray La Montaigne was playing when they wheeled me in to the OR. Nice. Apparently the hierarchy is that the anesthesiologist is deejay until the surgeon gets there. Then it's all Sinatra, all the time. I wasn't awake long enough to get to hear Frank.

And then...I woke up.  Giddy! - There was a lot of singing going on in the recovery room. Some of the nurses even joined in - a little Adele, Bonnie Raitt, Whitney Houston. I killed time by knitting.

They stood me up just a couple hours after surgery, and I took a few steps forward and back. High as a kite.

It seemed like it took forever to get a room. But I'm sure they have to make sure you're really ok before they start wheeling you around. But the nurses were sweet; because I was so hungry, they snuck me some cherry Italian Ice pops....


pretty pretty flowers from my SECTION 101 pals. They are designing us a new WEBSITE. Coming SOON.

And then, by Thursday afternoon, I was bored,

already walking the halls, practising my stair technique with cane, all the precautions and exercises we tried and failed to accomplish with mom - trying to shut out my chatty whiny, oxy high roommate.

Also, really? Ensure? I mean, I can get  the risotto of all time at home, and they were plying me with jello, ginger ale and ensure. An all sugar diet. I had to bribe them for saltines!!!

So, they sent me home. I finally got some sleep, and I can't believe how much better this will be.





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