Post Tour Musings

I'm still brimming with gratitude these days.... that I have a job, that I love my job, that I get to see old friends along the way, and make new ones every day.

Chicago was just a revelation. Cozy, brimming with joy and just a gas. I got to see Ingrid Graudins there. She of the sublime voice that sang on 'Plumb" and "ten cent wings" and schlepped around the world with me for a couple years.

Then Minneapolis. The new Guthrie (not Woody!!) Theatre is incredible and we got to share the stage with a beautiful set resembling C.S. Lewis's library. About fifty of my husband's extended family showed up and represented. Thanks to all the Donneys and Rainses and Malones, and anyone I've forgotten, and happy birthday again Gene!!

Milwaukee was fab. as I got to be guest deejay on WUWM there with my pal Bruce Winter. If this singer-songwriter thing doesn't work out, maybe I can get a gig there!

Milwaukee... the "Historic Turner Theatre" was vibey and cool. Ok so the ceiling is falling down, so there are nets everywhere to catch the plaster, but the candlelight is enchanting and the gig was super fun.

On to Madison. It started getting really chilly, the gig was freezing, we huddled around space heaters back stage, we had to drive to Chicago after the show, arrived around 1am, needed to get up and out for a 7am flight, and then, sure enough, the fire alarm went off in the hotel at 4am. I think it was maybe 5 degrees outside..... These are the moments when you think, "this is NOT OK!!"

Ann Arbor. Dreamy as always. I am treated like a princess there. The Ark does a great job of bringing people in for the shows, and the space is just gorgeously intimate. Every note hangs deliciously in the air. The graffiti on the walls was pretty rich this time too:

Nice to see that Bitch and Animal are still making the rounds. They were on a gig in Northampton once after us. I just remember a little boy backstage, so desperate to pee that he peed in a beer bottle that he proceeded to spill all over our stuff. Oh road life.

This is better!

Next day, a lovely stop at WCPN, the GORGEOUS Cleveland NPR station. I did an hour long webcast with Dee Perry. Thanks to Dave De Oreo. Now that's a class operation.

On to Kent, OHIO. Colder still. Oh so cold. Did I mention how cold it was? Again, we huddled backstage around space heaters. The only warm place was on stage. But that was fleeting. God bless RAY's down the street where I got warm for a bit and tried the Pork Loin. The lady next to me at the bar was eyeing it greedily so I offered her a bite. She said, "Oh, no, wish I could but i've gotta stick to the mashed potatoes and meatloaf. I just had oral surgery today." She was feeling pretty damn good as far as I could tell! Couple of percocets and three beers later, she ordered a nice rib eye!

And last, but not least. PITTSBURGH. My friend big John and four pals, Bob, Courtney, Melissa and Kate, schlepped all the way from Louisville, KY. Should have been a 6 hour drive. Turned into 11. God bless. Beaver hats off to you hearty explorers!!

courtney, bob, melissa and kate 

Johnpoleon, fearless leader.

The sock monkey hat, sadly is on it's last legs. The pom pom is frayed, the seams are splitting. So the Queen's Beaver (that's what I've dubbed it because I bought it in London) is standing in:

Glen Beaver

Spankyman Beaver (long story)

Beaver in headlights

Thanks to all and to all a WARM Holiday season.



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