whirlwind coasts

It's winter, always hard for me to stay warm. No matter how many layers I manage. And the shock coming from San Diego and the hot Santa Anna days back to 22 degrees in Boston...NO FUN!

LA was a fun night. Deb Talan stopped by and humored me with a sock monkey picture. The new Largo is a really sweet little theatre. And they've kept the old piano. Thank goodness.

My step-daughter (still sounds weird) Lily came by too -- she's always up for a laugh.

Agoura Hills, FABULOUS. Although we couldn't stay for the "Spazmatics" (eighties cover band) we boogied down like crazy people after our show. Nothing like dancing to help you forget your woes.

Poor Glen had to whisk home to protect his house and friends, as Montecito was burning. We're putting together care packages for his pals who have lost EVERYTHING.

On to San Diego, somehow Glen made it there, no sleep, and delivered the goods as usual. It's been so cool to share the stage and a couple songs with him and Jonathan Kingham. They are both ridiculously funny and fun and frigging great talents.

Anthology was a super sweet spot. Amazing food, amazing sound, we were treated like royalty. YUMMMM.

A couple of friends showed up to make a weekend of it, and the debauchery began. Something about wigs just makes you act out....

Denise Antoinette

Jen Antoinette

Platinum Swirly

Melissa Bozo 

Karen from Joe Cocker days was on hand too. Oh my lucky stars.

Then Boston, home town. There just is something about that place that feels right. Some fabulous chiquitas from the Squam Art Workshops showed up and shined their lights. It was so cool being back at the Paradise again. Rick Semerjian represented! 

Swinging 'til there's no net below!

 Come on out next week. We're heating up the mid-west.!




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