Los Angeles

Back in Los Angeles. I always have mixed feelings flying in. That long steady slow descent, the familiar haze, the endless streams of cars on the criss-cross of hot freeways. The plunging necklines on the unnaturally bulbous breasts that don't move when their owners walk.

I did live here from 97 to 2002, happily, I might add. But whenever I'm back I can't manage the hours and hours in the car any more. I love the ocean and the beautiful trails through the Santa Monica mountains. I love Malibu and the little micro climate that it holds. But there seems such a disconnect between the beauty and the city, sounds cliche, but an emptiness....Somehow New York really feels like home. 

I remember my first few months 'Back in the Circus' of New York. I had to go through such a painful transition. My senses were too open, my boundaries too weak. I found myself in tears every day just riding the subway, writing (in my mind) the stories of all the faces i saw in a matter of 5 train stops. The extremes of poverty and wealth mashed up together on the express 2/3. But I got my game skin on, my game face. And it turns out the stories are EVERYTHING. They are the point of being in a city like New York. You're forced to SEE people. SEE everything. Process, align, adjust, empathize, FEEL. I treasure the chaos now.

 Last week was a hoot. I loved being back in Eugene again, although I'm bummed out that I didn't have enough time to find all the cool knitting stores. I did get to visit with Liz Wise at KLCC, the gorgeous new NPR facility right down town....

And the concert at the Shedd Institute was so lovely. What an incredible place to play, the acoustics, the ambiance, the hospitality. I hope I can come back. My pals Denise and Carsten were there by chance as well, so of course they got the sock monkey treatment!

(Hilton Hotel, 2am!!) 

Then, SAN FRANCISCO!!! What could be better. Back at Slim's, haven't played there in ages, even though two of my top favorite gigs of all time were there. It was lovely, and happened to be my friend Andrea's birthday.... Happy Birthday lovely:

Andrea took me to church at GLIDE, and I remembered all the things i DO love about church. The stories, the hymns, the community that in the best of churches takes you in and holds you dear. I will treasure last Sunday. I went back to my hotel room and read most of EXODUS (god bless the Gideons!) because the sermon had been all about Moses and how it related to PROP 8 and Obama's election!! That's a long good story for another journal!!!


Come on out to Largo tonight, we will rock this town. And if not Largo, there's always Agoura Hills tomorrow, or San Diego on Friday. Ten tons of FUN!!!!

And I finally got some fabulous CHOCOLATE in Eugene. Thanks Harlan!!! I have four truffles left.





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