Everything was Beautiful at the Ballet

The first show I ever went to was "A Chorus Line." My grandmother took me when I was twelve. I'm sure she had NO idea what she was getting in to. When they launched into "tits and ass" she must have been mortified, but she soldiered through and I was smitten. That's when I started studying every kind of dance I could find. I had been a hard core ballerina since I was six, but this was explosive new information! Jazz, modern, tap, African. I wanted it all.

Well, I got to Baltimore on Saturday and there at the Hippodrome, in the same building as my little gig, a huge poster for "Chorus Line."

My little heart went pitter pat. ("I can do that")  I had to stop for tea at the HIPP Cafe: "One, singular sensation...... ringing through my brain."

Back to business....Baltimore was wicked fun. Thank you all who turned out. I think I was the first singer/songwriter they have had at that venue and they are hoping to make a real series of it. Moody lighting and cafe tables really made the atmosphere. The audience was appropriately heckly.

They were working on a massive installation of "The Grinch who Stole Christmas" downstairs. Baltimore is cooking!!

On to the Birchmere in Alexandria, Virginia, where, finally, the elusive Glen Phillips joined the fun. His arm is healed beautifully on the outside, but he said there's still that 'whacked your funny bone' feeling pretty constantly. Could have been much worse. Point is, it was great singing "Sweetest Angel" with him, and adding a little harmony on his song about burning up in the solar flare!!! Thanks as always to my favorite guys, Bud and John at the Birchmere. They just always make me feel like a rock star. And Portland here we come.

this is happy sock monkey glen, but he preferred the sad one so:

Sean Watkins played acoustic and sang with Glen.... revelatory


"I really need this job, God, please I need this job..... God I hope I get it, I hope I get it. How many people does he need, how many boys how many girls."

Everything WAS beautiful at the ballet......



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