Oh Maine

I love Maine. Half of my family lives there. And once again, it didn't disappoint. The afternoon before the Ogunquit show I got to do a really fun radio show at WCLZ. It's a station that actually plays songs they like. They're not dictated by some arbitron sampling, or corporate list compiled in the middle of Iowa. THANKS Randy and Ethan!!

When I walked in, there was the cutest little wooden purse sitting on the counter. there were clippings of french text book exercises on it, and little hand painted french icons - the eiffel tower, a bottle of red wine, the arc de triomphe. It's handle was made from beautiful glass beads. I admired it and asked where I might find one....

Long story short, its beautiful owner insisted on giving it to me after i was on the air. And I am now infatuated with this remarkable little gem. The best part is on the inside. Her husband actually made the purse for her (she said he's the artsy one!!) He had written, "Je m'aime beaucoup" Then in smaller print around the inside rim, "je suis amusante.... je suis jolie.... je suis sympatique.... je suis intelligente.... moi, moi, moi"

At first I though he might have meant "Je T'AIME beacoup." As in, I love you so much honey I made you this gorgeous little purse. But it was even better, it was a reminder to her to love herself. That she's beautiful and funny and smart and cool. Of course that's when I burst into tears. What a great guy. So later at the show, I had to share....

My niece Ariel represented! Sock monkey ready

Her rommate Nikki really took it to school:

And after the show we all shared our favorite dance moves....

This was my version of West Side Story. (I was Velma once in college)

Nikki's Martha Graham move... (pictures courtesy of our friend Pierre Baudet... who sent the one below as well. oh that early nineties hair, both earrings in one ear, and I'm not sure what that blue clay is doing there. Jennifer and I really knew how to doll up!!

I guess that was the last time I had played in Ogunquit! 

On to Norfolk, CT. It was only the third show at this brand new GORGEOUS, perfectly restored little theatre. We were so beautifully taken care of, (thank you Kim) and the place just felt magical. I hope I can play there every year. If you get a chance, GO. There's also a little Bed and Breakfast up the street called the Mountain View Inn. Decadent breakfasts and the ground floor is full of pristine, vintage treasures. Shopping AND food. Dreamy.

Then, Northampton. My old stomping ground, the place I played my very first gig, just feels like home. Nora Guthrie was in the audience again. It's always kind of sacred when she's in the house! And my pal Thea showed up just to make it a real party.

I'm the luckiest girl in the world.

The NPR "weekend edition" interview I did with Liane Hansen will be airing this SUNDAY. And my "World Cafe" interview with David Dye aired this past Friday. Every little bit.

More soon,

love and chocolate.



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