World Cafe Dreaminess

Well, Philly never disappoints. It always feels like a homecoming at the World Cafe Live. I do get a little hungry watching the dinners come and go right in front of the stage. But I love this town, this space, and the people who come to say hi after the shows. Thank you all for another inspiring, beautiful evening.

My rock star pal Eric brought some of his magic with him - we performed our new 'hit' "More True Lovers Than One" and of course "I'll Leave the Light On." I just love singing with this guy. And he looks great in the sock monkey hat.

Eric Bazilian 

I met a new fan, Kassidy, an aspiring dancer, and she looked even better in the hat, (sorry Eric darling)

she was a trooper, staying up late even thought she had jazz, tap, AND ballet the next morning.

What I'm getting to, fumbling to, (maybe i need just one more cappucino) is that I still LOVE my job. There are so many hard parts. There is so much uncertainty and juggling and gambling, not knowing if we'll lose our shirts (and pants) each time we throw something out to the world. But singing for an audience that is really right there with you is such an honor and a joy. Like the Mastercard ads, PRICELESS. I can't thank you all enough. There are moments on stage when I could just levitate with the feeling that I am so lucky to be doing what I do.

See you in NYC tonight. I can hardly WAIT.




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