Boston and Aunt Gertrude

We are sending out super healing mojo to Glen Philips. He had a bad accident involving a glass coffee table and his arm. OWWWW. It's not clear yet when he'll be up and running, (and playing.) 

So the Boston promoter wanted to postpone Thursday's show, and now it will be November 18 at the Paradise. State College, PA also rescheduled the show tonight for April 14. I'm so sorry if anyone is inconvenienced. Touring is definitely not for the faint of heart. It is indeed a jungle out there. So much uncertainty, the economy and the election sapping our energy and light.

I went to my husband's Aunt Gertrude's funeral over the weekend and once again, (this is the fourth funeral in my whole lifetime) found such solace and comfort in the gathering of family, the grieving of loved ones. I grew up without death ever really being acknowledged. We just didn't talk about it. There was so much mystery. I was never told when people had passed.

It is an awesome transition, and it was only when my husband's father passed and I witnessed a wake, funeral, and the Irish wake that followed, that I understood the absolute necessity of these ceremonies, these ways of honoring the dead. Those who remain need that catharsis. I finally let go of all I had lost right there in my mother-in-law's kitchen. Stories and wine flowed, laughter turned to tears and back to laughter again with seamless cadence. I didn't want it to end. 

This weekend, we honored Aunt Gertie. She was deaf, had cerebral palsy, but lived BEYOND fully! She was a devoted sports fan and until she died at 86, she had season tickets for the Minnesota Twins. She only missed one game over the years, and that's because she had dropped her false teeth in the toilet. Rather than fish them out, she flushed. "Germs" she growled. She had lifetime VIP status at the Aveda Salon, where they did her nails and hair every week. She would flash her red white and blue, sparkly purple, black cat and pumpkin nails at you first thing. "See" she would say, "PRETTY."

She loved freely and HUGELY. The first time I met her, my first Thanksgiving meeting my husband's huge Irish Catholic family, she suffocated me in a bear hug when i left. "I LOVE YOU" she shouted. I LOVED Gertie. I will truly miss her.


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