Sock Monkey Seattle

Back from Seattle, re-packing for State College, Boston, Philly, New York. It was cold, but SUNNY the whole time I was there. NICE.

The lovely folks at KMTT hosted a live in-studio performance, and the coolest bunch of people represented. As usual I got wicked chatty, and had to keep being reminded that they were taping the show for radio, and I didn't need to include my entire life story.

Then, my dreamy friends Jen and Liz Elayne, came to the show, with

Jen Diamond

Liz Elayne 

dreamy husbands/partners, and we had a sock monkey fest backstage. Matt Stearns did a fabulous job on sound,

Matt Stearns

I think his son Aevin gets the sock monkey cute award,

 Aevin Stearns

(close second Liz Elayne.) I just love how people humor me when I ask if they'll put on the hat. Of course Jen Diamond's partner Josh had to wear it backwards when it was his turn.

 Josh, rebel monkey

Wonder what THAT's all about!! There must be some deep psych probing you can do with this hat. If this music thing doesn't work out, I will look into sock monkey therapy.

Kelly, the promoter gets sexiest sock monkey award. She was so lovely to us, brought us some home cooking back stage, and worked her butt off to make the show a success. Thanks Kelly.

So feel free to call KMTT and let them know you'd like to hear the new record. I'm sure they'd love to hear from you....;)

On a quieter, sadder note, my husband's aunt Gertrude passed away on Saturday morning. I will never forget her story about fighting off all the jocks in the bleachers when Mark McGuire hit his record breaking home run. She must have been about 78 at the time, deaf, bent and twisted with arthritis, but she caught that ball. Now that's a sports fan. I hope she can still see all her games from heaven.

Come on out this week. And bring chocolate.



sweet dreams. 

sleepy Gabe, Jen and Josh's littlest sock monkey


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