Creativity and the sock monkey hat

I was in LA over last weekend. I went with my husband to see his kids, do a little promotion.... but I also got a chance to see my friend Christine Mason Miller. She just published that book I keep mentioning here, "Ordinary Sparkling Moments." I keep finding new gorgeous depths in its beauty and wisdom.

I went  to see her studio while I was there - she'd just finished a bunch of new work for an exhibit in LA, and I was the first to glimpse "Ernestine Elam." Well needless to say it was love at first sight. There is just something about wings, birds, flight, going on this year. Hmmm, come to think of it,  I guess it's been going on forever actually! Anyway, I had to buy her.

Christine Mason Miller and her new beauty: Ernestine Elam 

I also thought it quite fitting that Christine has a wall of inspiration too. Hers is way more organized than mine, so I'm definitely getting a big bulletin board for my wall. I think we need those daily reminders, some kind of proof that we're not alone battling with/waiting for the muse. I always have to tell myself when the 'i suck' knob gets pinned on 11, I have done this before, so I will do it again.... but the pictures and notes certainly help.

christine's wall of love

I was also reading a book Christine gave me called "The War of Art."  even Steven Pressfield talks about his superstitious work methods:

"My lucky hooded sweatshirt is draped over the chair, with the lucky charm I got from a gypsy in Saintes-Miries-de-la-Mer for only eight bucks in francs, and my lucky LARGO nametag that came from a dream I had once. I put it on. On my thesaurus is my lucky cannon that my friend Bob Versandi gave me from Morro Castle, Cuba. I point it toward my chair so it can fire inspiration into me. I say my prayer...."

You get the picture. I am so superstitious about inspiration and still in awe of the mystery when it arrives. Most important, as we all know, and as the book pounds home, is getting in there and just doing the work.

But first...(is this what Pressfield calls resistance in the book?) we had to go shopping, and brought along the famous sock monkey hat that was a big hit at the Squam art workshops. I think of it as a little cultural experiment, the great ice-breaker. No matter how cool we think we are, we all look about twelve years old in the sock monkey hat. And it's just plain fun. Kinda freeing actually.


Our favorite sister stores.  Footsie and Pink Lily on Montana.

There's gotta be a song in there somewhere!!

I can't wait to get to the UK this weekend. Better bring the hat. See you there.




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