Sometimes when i hit the wall with a new song, (today) I have a new distraction. I used to just do laundry, or make more toast. Now I knit. In fact I am obsessed with knitting. When I fall, I fall hard, and completely. In the last year I have made 4 hats, five scarves, and 3 and a half sweaters and one third of a shrug. I chalk it up to the long hours on planes and buses and in cars. But it's really the color, the feel, and the satisfaction of actually making something. I don't paint. Don't tend to draw, and in fact I'm always mortified when someone wants me to draw a picture for them in the autograph line after gigs.

Knitting is my other creative world. I'm still a beginner, but I just finished this sweater coat thingie. I "really neeeeeded it" for those freezing cold plane rides so i could keep knitting.


Photo: Andrea Scher 

And I love going to the knitting store. I meet amazing people that I would never know otherwise. Politics are definitely lively topics. Books, husbands, and yup more patterns that are MUST KNITS.


all the pretty colors at Annie and Co. 

Nancy has the patience of Job. And somehow explains things so they make sense to me. (No other way I would have finished that behemoth.)

Nancy and me

And wouldn't you know it, today they had a half off sale on "Cashmere Elite."

Ohhhh, cashmere. Legwarmers? Wrap Vest? What could I do?

Now I'd better finish that song.




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