My old School

I think the consensus at my thirtieth highschool reunion was that we didn't remember having "mean girls." (As some of you might recall... for me, that was SEVENTH GRADE!) But at the incredible Commonwealth School in Boston - the one place to which I am still very emotionally attached - we were all in our own little misfit orbits. And for each of us, there were at least a couple others whose quirks and insecurities matched up with and soothed our own.

Josh Berlin, JB, Romana Vysatova

Well, there was so much love in circulation Friday and Saturday night in Boston, some serious nostalgia really did set in. Everyone seemed still, very much.. themselves!

Julia, Susie, Rachel, Sarah, Caroline, Romana, Liz, Jenny, Carla, Todd, David, Michael, Jeremy, Josh, Tristan, Frank...I know I'm forgetting someone.... all doing incredible things, all with a buoyancy and hum. Inspiring. I can't wait to see you all again.

Ben Deily, '86

Saturday, three sets of alumni musicians jammed at the VFW in Cambridge. Ben Deily and "Varsity Drag" (class of '86) - very stylish rocking. Then I did a set, and segued into all of us wailing on "Taste of Danger" leading into a jamming set with Jeremy Berlin (class of '80) and his band Johnny Hoy and the Bluefish.

Jeremy, all a-blur...

Johnny Hoy, in a class all his own!

Old friends snuck in for the hang....

Andrea Baudet...

Linda Lou Levasseur showed up with her mom, our favorite dizzy singing champion!!!

It was kind of like Christmas, but with all the right intentions. My hip held solid for the show and the afterglow.

Back in New York City yesterday? gorgeous afternoon, heart shaped path.

We're back in the Circus again.


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