April 2001 Journal

April 2001 Journal...

The two-sided DVD (Video and Audio) is finally done and available for purchase over on the Store page. I have to thank you all again, a million times over for your patience. The DVD-Audio side sounds unbelievable. Ten million bit digital sound, WOW. And thank goodness -- no glitches. I just love this project and I think it's really unusual, there are so many cool things in it. I hope you'll love it as much as I do.

The tour has been singularly fabulous so far. I love my band -- they rock, they're dynamic, and wicked cool on stage. Larry Aberman finessing the drums, Goffrey Moore slinky on guitar, and Darren Embry grooving down that bass. I've never been so happy.

We've also got Paul Mitchell, who mixed the Live Record, out with us cranking out the XTRA phat sound. And Chuck Smith tweaking all the guitars. So I thank all of you who've come out to check out the "Steady Pull!"

The funky j.bro t-shirts are here. Now available on the website too. The story goes... I wanted a moniker of my own, hence, j.bro with "How Deep is Your Love?" on the back in that oh-so-special pimp-and-ho type face. Hope you enjoy! We're working on another design too, but figured this would be a fun start.

Big news in television land. We finally, for the first time, little Bad Dog, got booked on Letterman -- July 9!!!!!!! Apparently he took "Steady Pull" home over the weekend and presto! This is truly sweet. To book an independent artist that's not selling up there with the half-naked teenagers, I'm really honored.

Anyway, please come catch us on the road, it's a wicked fun evening. We are rocking in the funkiest way and I'm loving every moment. It's great to feel the support growing... as you know, every little bit..., so keep letting your radio pals know that you want to hear "Linger," we'll be taking it to AC and Hot AC radio stations soon. And keep telling your friends about the record. Thank you for helping to make our little story come true.

Cheers, fine footwear and chocolate as always,


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