August 1999 Journal

August 1999 Journal...

Bad Cow Wallpaper
Photo by Sven

So, I'm still plowing through all of my Borders purchases. I love this book called "Brief Interviews with Hideous Men." And "Amy and Isabelle" is intense and so subtle. I've been working on some new songs, throwing them into the shows, and now I'm home wr iting the next batch. Playing a lot more piano, and this cool Jerry Jones baritone that I bought last year.

Every cloud has a silver lining
Photo by Sven

I had a great time in the south, it was wonderful to finally play in Florida and South Carolina, so thanks so much for coming out. And a couple weeks ago I got to do the Starbucks Live broadcast with the one and only KCRW, and Mike Morrison's "Weekend Bec omes Eclectic." I was so wired on cappucino I must have played the songs double time. But it was nice to see all my LA pals.

I just did WYEP's World Cafe;‰ show last weekend in Pittsburgh, and this weekend is the ever fabulous Rocky Mountain Folk Festival in Lyons, Colorado. Can't wait to get out into the big country.

Me and the boys (left -> right Larry, Goff and Darren)
Photo by Sven

What else, planning on taking a little jog back to Europe late fall. We had such a great tour there three years ago, I want to get back and remind them who I am. Especially of course Oslo, Norway where the club Smuget will always remain near and dear!!! And then there's Paris... "Where Were You" is the latest single, so feel free to request it on your favorite stations!! I'll be doing some low key acoustic shows around LA this fall and testing out some of my new ideas, so we'll keep you posted.

Onward and over, and thanks so much for keeping up with me.


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