December 2001 Journal

December 2001 Journal...

The latest greatest news is that Peter Pan 2: "Return to Neverland" will be coming out in mid-February in a theatre near you. I sing "The Second Star to the Right" from the original, and I wrote a song called "I'll Try" that appears twice in the movie and also as part of the end credits. There will also be a soundtrack album.

It's a really sweet film and my song has become a big part of the story. It's been wild seeing it all take shape and gain momentum over the last two years. Hopefully I'll get invited to the premiere.

I've had a great time in Europe lately, I did four concerts in Ireland, and their equivalent of Saturday Night Live. I was on with the soccer coach who just led them into qualifying for the World Cup, Joe Dolan -- (he's kind of like the Joe Cocker of Ireland - awesome) ... and Jerry Adams who was debating another political candidate. It was quite an evening to say the least.

I also did a little songwriting seminar in Aarhus and two concerts while I was in Denmark. And I got to be on Good Morning Denmark with the Prime Minister, and an amazing local chef. A little buzz ...

We spent a little time in Belgium as well and hope to get something going there too.

So thanks to all the supporters cropping up around the world. We're going to keep wandering near and far as much as we can. We hope to bring the band back to Denmark in March, and perhaps hit Ireland again too.

Meanwhile, we have a few new dates in the States, we just can't stop! Hope to see you all there.

Be safe and well over the holidays. Jonatha


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