December 2004 Journal

December 2004 Journal...

Holiday Journal!

Happy Holidays everyone.

I hope you're all well, feeling hopeful and productive in the uncertain world. It's getting 'freeze your buns, cold' here in New York, but the chill shocks in a good way. I do love the changing seasons. I just wish it would hurry up and snow.

I know I mentioned our fund drive/J-Bro capital campaign months ago. We've gotten lots of great feedback and suggestions and have finally decided to take the plunge and give it a go. If multi-million dollar symphony orchestras, opera companies, major ballet companies can ask their patrons for money, why can't Bad Dog Records do the same?

We've come up with a few premiums so that everyone gets something for their contributions.

So click here and check it out. Participate if you'd like to, or just send us your good wishes.

Meanwhile back at the ranch. We're working on a live DVD. We have such wonderful footage, and multi-track recordings from the last two nights of our run in New York City. We're just itching to get in there and edit the material and release it.

I've also been writing a lot lately, and traveling to Nashville to work with some of the very cool songwriters there. It's really fun to put on a different hat (and boots of course) and write with and for other people.

I've written a few songs for film and television projects too. That's exciting, because the design is so specific, like being on assignment. In thirty seconds, for instance you have to make something sound creepy, childlike and it has to be a waltz (my favorite). Or in two minutes go from a tiny voice to over the top luscious and operatic. I love the challenge, and it takes me out of my own tawdry head for a while!

I've also been writing towards a new Jonatha Brooke record. I am, as usual, trying to figure out what to say next, how to say it, and how not to repeat myself. I plan to work on a new record this summer, and try to release it soon after.

Obviously all of this requires funds, and we're hoping our plan here will help us achieve all of our ideas for the New Year.

Thank you so much as always for your belief and support, however you choose to show it. And stay safe and warm over the holiday's Cheers


p.s. "Back in the Circus" will be released in the UK in March, and hopefully we'll be able to release it in Germany and the rest of Europe later next spring.


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