February 2000 Journal

February 2000 Journal...

So, the latest,

I've been in the studio, co-producing with Bob Clearmountain (https://www.mixthis.com) - he's the unbelievable genius who mixed "Ten Cent Wings." Working bit by bit, in between his mixing Elton John's movie soundtrack and Joan Osborne's new record. Pretty good company!!

The songs are moving and evolving. I'm trying to move and evolve with them. The year two thousand seems to call for something extraordinary. I'm trying not to repeat myself, and hopefully not to take myself too seriously (my favorite new song is kind of a funky romp called "How Deep is Your Love" - I have no idea where it came from. Maybe all those years singing along to Rufus and Chaka Khan "Live Stompin' at the Savoy.") We'll see.

I've done a few little showcase gigs here in LA, and two in New York at the Fez. That's always a blast. The band was fabulous, Gerry Leonard opened in New York, and played with us the second night. It was a huge and rocking sound. I got to play harmonium and sing on "Prayer," his devastating song from his record, "Spookyghost." Buy it. It's lovely... https://www.spookyghost.com. Listening to "Spearhead", "Bossa Cuca Nova," and this guy from Detroit whose record will hopefully come out on Warner Brothers some time this year - Dennis White. His band is "Control Freq."

Back to LA: Joe Sample played on three of my songs. That was heaven. It was like putting a little church in to the pop. I'm working on a couple of ideas with Wendy Melvoin (Wendy & Lisa) and that's a cool combo too. Their last record "Girl Bros." is a find. It's on their website - https://www.wendyandlisa.com. Neil Finn is singing on one of my songs, Oh my heart. His last record just killed me... "Try Whistling This". All these things!!

I'm also trying to keep up with the fab new technology and we're figuring out ways to update the journal with video and digital pictures from the studio, from live gigs, from life. Then, when the record comes out, if you buy it from the website, you'd get an exclusive interactive CD with footage and interviews and extra cool stuff. Just another idea. Incentive to keep supporting the independents!!

It does make a difference, I assure you, when you buy it from us directly. So thank you for paying a little extra for the personalized goods. Anyway, I hope to have a real record out and about by this summer. Thanks for coming to the gigs. And for all your lovely e-mails.



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