January 2004 Journal

January 2004 Journal...

Happy New Year,

It's been so amazing watching this new board grow. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and involvement. The ticket sales are so exciting, the album pre-orders, the kind words about the new single. I'm so excited about this New Year's promise. Thank you all.

We've put a few behind the scenes pictures up in the gallery, just a glance into the album art. We'll be updating the pictures much more frequently this year. I promise!

We did finally get a tree, it's been filling the apartment with that intoxicating woodsy aroma. We've been laying low, cooking yummy food, just staying home and loving this city. The shop windows are out of control this year. "Barney's" has a whole "Sex in the City" extravaganza, the lines just to see the windows at Saks Fifth Avenue are around the block, and you can barely move around Rockefeller Center there are so many out-of-towners there to see the tree and try to get in to go skating. It seems the spirit is back, people aren't holding back.

Just to avoid any confusion, the gigs in March are at the Public Theatre, which is the same building as "Joe's Pub," but they have multiple spaces. It's a 275 seat quadruple high-ceilinged theatre. (The Anspacher) The seats are raked like a stadium so the stage is kind of cradled. Honestly there's not really a bad seat in the place. We've made arrangements to have a bar available and merchandise right outside the space, and you'll be able to bring your drinks inside with you.

No snow on Christmas this year, but gorgeous, blinding, sunny, perfect walking-around days. There's always a new neighborhood to discover, a funky cafe, characters you couldn't even imagine existed - so many stories. One crazy place.

So, best to you and yours; stay safe and warm.



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