March 2006 Journal

March 2006 Journal...


So much is happening. It's really been a whirlwind couple of months. The DVD is almost finished and I absolutely love it. Emily Branham (she did the "Better After All" video) has been furiously editing and tweaking and editing some more. And it really is almost there. I get so emotional looking back at the New York shows. It was such a huge undertaking, but it had such intimacy and joy. I can't thank my band, Paul Mitchell, and the amazing audiences enough. Also, to everyone who contributed to the fundraiser, we honestly could not even have begun the project without you. Thank you for your generosity and your patience!

I'm also working like crazy on my new record. I'm co-producing it with Bob Clearmountain in Los Angeles. My lovely band is on most of it, Eric Bazilian co-produced and co-wrote a couple tracks with me. Mitchell Froom may put in another appearance (I don't think I could a make a record without him somewhere). There's even bassoon, bass clarinet and clarinet on one song. I'm still trying to find the right song to get my brother in on bagpipes!

The WB show "Related" has licensed "No Net Below" for two episodes this February and March. Eric Bazilian and I co-produced a couple of songs for Nick Lachey and J.C. Chasez. You never know til the record's out if they've made the final cut. But it's sure been fun working on them. I wrote a new song for Lifetime television that I'm hoping they will use constantly for their new line up/look. I think it sounds kind of like Avril Lavigne! Of course spending a week and playing in Paris didn't suck at all. Thank you so much to those of you who came to the Charlie Birdy. I had a great time and you made premiering the French song way less scary than I thought it would be!!

I was so bummed out to have missed the big blizzard of 2006. I got stuck in LA waiting for a flight out. 29 inches in Central Park and I wasn't there. It was almost gone by the time I got back. Maybe next year.

I'm looking forward to playing some East Coast gigs in April. I get a little rusty when I'm in studio mode, so it's always nice to remember the real deal. Traveling and connecting and trying new things. I can't wait to get back to Denmark and Germany.

I'm also thinking of creating a smaller exclusive iTunes release called "Plan B." There are so many songs I've written over the years for film or television, jingles or fun, that haven't quite fit on whatever record was at hand. But I love them. They are different aspects of my personality. Morphing for a specific task. It's really fun to get out of my own brain and write like it's an assignment. Less pressure somehow. And since the overhead of an internet release is nil, if the songs got some attention, they could help fund these other projects.

So I'm putting it all in the cauldron and stirring.

We'll keep you posted on this year's releases. It's gonna be a lot to chew!

And finally, I can feel spring. I love that the light stays longer, the breezes are a little less ruthless. It's coming up roses here at Bad Dog Records.

Thanks as always for your support,


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