September 2004 Journal

September 2004 Journal...

I hope you'll all forgive me for dropping off the face of the planet. I've had a loose - ish summer. Not too much touring. Lots of good reading, a little sun, a little scuba diving, (I'm now a total addict,) a new song for Disney, couple of songs for TV, and planning for the UK/European release of "Back in the Circus." But I realize I haven't updated the journal since February!!

The New York shows in March were just unreal. The atmosphere unbelievably intimate, the audiences just dreamy. On the road, we had just as much fun. I hope you did too! This band is such a thrill to play with. The dynamics make me the happiest girl in the world. We recorded the last two nights of the NY shows, and got some amazing footage (too much footage!) and now are trying to figure out how to proceed in order to create a live DVD. Which leads to:

We've been agonizing over an idea we had here at Bad Dog, but I think we're finally going to just go ahead and put it out there. We've basically hit the wall financially and need to figure out how to proceed and still function at the level we've attained.

We're at a point where we want to release another single, and finish culling and editing and eventually producing a DVD of the New York show, and yet, sadly, there's no way to move forward on any of it without asking for some help.

So we're going to post a new Auction/Fundraiser idea on the home page soon. At this point we kind of feel like there's nothing to lose and certainly plenty to possibly gain.

In the meanwhile, check out the new dates on the touring page of the website, and for those of you across the pond, we will be playing in Europe in the early part of 2005.

Congratulations to Goffrey Moore (guitar) and his wife Martha who had a baby girl, 'Ona Joyce,' in July.

The world is in as unsettling a situation as I've ever known. I just hope there will be sanity and reason come November.



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