November 2006 Journal

November 2006 Journal...

So my big brother and his family came to visit in New York last weekend. We got this great idea to go skating at Wolman Rink in Central Park, oh sorry, it's the "TRUMP Wolman rink." (They have "TRUMP" bottled water with the Donald's picture on it, and "TRUMP" popcorn, they even have a "TRUMP" Zamboni to smooth down the ice when too many leaves have fallen.)

Anyway, I've been skating maybe once before when I was twelve. But I thought, how hard can it be? I've got decent balance and strong ankles.

I'm still sore. Everything was going so well, and then suddenly there I was flying forward into a massive belly flop. How hard can it be? Wicked hard. Ice is harder than anything I've fallen on in a while (ok maybe the escalator at Newark airport where I wrecked my knee, that might have been harder, but that's another story, and to be perfectly honest, I was running up the down side, I asked for it).

Anyway, back on the ice, I actually winded myself. Wacked all my ribs, my shoulder. Even my jaw is still sore. Gravity sucks.

Working on a few gigs this week. Northern California ish. The idea is to just come and experience great music at intimate venues with great production. Oh yeah and you can get some fabulous Storyville coffee while you're there. But the artists who are to perform remain hush hush until they walk onto the stage.

Not sure if it's so exclusive that they're going to alienate the real fans, but they're working out the kinks. Anyway, if there's something familiar about artist Y at "sonictemplelive.com" trust your instincts.

We're also starting to plan dates for next year when "Careful What You Wish For" comes out.

Also got to meet the French legend "Christophe" at (of all places) the Crazy Horse Saloon in Paris. Wow, fancy pants, well, actually no pants at all. Dita Von Teese was the main attraction, but actually I thought the French 'dancers' were hipper, hotter and more talented. OK Dita's got a two inch waist and really milky white perfect skin, but she didn't really do much more than pretending to take a bath. Boring. I'm sure there are many who would beg to differ.

Holidays will soon be swinging at our heads, stay calm, kind, extra patient, and remember, DVD/CDs make great gifts!!!



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