February 2007

Hi all,

Couldn't get any colder here in New York, but I have to say it's a relief. That 72 degree day in January really freaked me out. I had just seen "An Inconvenient Truth" and was very, very moved, depressed, inspired, appalled. So I'm happy it's cold. I just wear my dumb full length orange down coat, $80 at L. L. Bean. You can't beat a deal like that. Just call me pumpkin.

We're in the process of overhauling the web site. I think it's time. I'm ready to move out of the sweet, homey phase into. The rock. (We've had many pleas from friends who will remain nameless to keep the ballerina in there somewhere. So we may have to pull her out of rehab.) But we're excited about some of the new possibilities. Mostly thrilled that we can add stuff quickly as we choose. More journal entries hopefully and pix from wherever and whenever!

We're going to update the posting board too. It's definitely had its pros and cons over the years. But on the whole I think it's been a great place to communicate and I've appreciated all your contributions. We're going to upgrade it and create specific sections. We'll have a new official in house moderator who can really keep track of the day to day concerns for us.

The new record is out in Denmark. Super fun doing television in Copenhagen at 6 in the morning on my birthday. We decided what the hell, everything was in place over there, why not try the opposite approach from what we've done in the past. So far so good the reviews have apparently been fabulous although it's all Danish to me. We'll post the links in case anyone can figure out what they say and fill us in!! And we're trying to bring the band back for a few dates and workshops in April!!

I'm going back to Copenhagen feb 17th to do a workshop with the artists guild, (I just can't stay away!). I really do love the city. It is where my husband proposed to me, but Denmark as a country is just an amazing place full of music lovers. The workshops I get invited to do have become a great part of my identity now, and I love it. I get to meet some great musicians and songwriters and expound about this mysterious thing we do.

We're shipping the first single to AAA radio in the US as we speak. It's just Stephanie and me stuffing padded envelopes day after day. Still so glamorous after all these years. But I have to say it's still satisfying knowing what we've accomplished all on our own. And I think this record is going to kick some butt.

The release date for "Careful" here in the states is April 3! We'll start taking pre-orders here March 1. But we promise it'll be worth the wait. As you may already know, you can download the first single, "Careful What You Wish For" from I-Tunes. Please send your friends there, gift it, whatever you can, it's 99 cents well spent and the number of downloads DOES have an impact on radio programmers and tastemakers. And meanwhile, why not let your radio stations know you want to hear it. We think it's a smash. I wrote it with Eric Bazilian and JC Chasez, (yeah, NSYNC) and we had a blast!! And Bob Clearmountain's mix is sublime.



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