Hi all,

thanks for your patience.... the web store is really a pain in the butt, especially, sadly, for our European fans. Hang in there we're working on it. We want you to have this record!!!

Meanwhile, I got a kick out of Derek's top ten list, although I am wishing Britney and the dancing ballerina, (and Linsdsay Lohan for that matter) well:

Here we go, top ten reasons to buy "Careful What You Wish For:"

10. because it's unlikely Britney will have a new album this year.
9. all proceeds benefit the fishnet stocking manufacturer's association.
8. she'll be that much closer to buying her own home trapeze set.
7. it increases the chances of her touring in your neck of the woods.
6. each sale does its part in preventing a global recession.
5. let's face it: that "Back in the Circus" t-shirt has shrunk and you have not.
4. two words: road trip!
3. it'll pay for the dancing ballerina's imminent rehab.
2. because discs are shiny and mp3s are not.
1. the package was designed by an octopus!

And I thought it was about time to introduce to the web site my fabulous band from the Live In New York CD/DVD. They've been sooo good to me over the years. Lets give them their due. These pics are from the "Back in the Circus" tour.
The absolutely amazing AnnMarie Milazzo. Now at work on "Carmen" on Broadway. She also did all the vocal arrangements on the new hit show "Spring Awakening." She is the BOMB.
Darren Embry, the dancing bass whiz. You may have seen him touring recently with Maia Sharp. He also played a big role on her last record. Maia Sharp.com
The ever cool Goffrey Moore of the devastating solo on "Inconsolable" from the Live In New York" record. At work producing fabulous sexy music in his studio in LA. He also mixed Maia Sharp's last record!
Me. Some say my obsession with the circus started when my mom came home dressed as a clown and would only answer to "Stoney." I don't want to talk about it.
Paul Mitchell, our fearless sound man. He can make any crappy system we encounter sound like a million bucks. He also mixed the live version of "Gilded Cage." You can get it on I-tunes.
Rich Mercurio. Recently seen on Broadway playing drums on the Martin Short "Fame Becomes Me." Now on tour with Regina Spektor in Europe, but I get him back in May.

So bear with us with the orders. We're beating the machines into submission as we speak. And we soooo appreciate the support. If every one of you who signed up on the list BOUGHT a record, we'd cover our costs for three months. That's a HUGE deal to us. So good on ya. Bring it on. All the best.



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