What's up with the weather? Just when the monsoon finally left New York alone, I had to leave, so here I am in Denmark and it's pouring again, POURING.

This in, fresh from the West Coast wing of the promotional whir:
All's well in Portland, we got to do a lovely in-store at the ever supportive Music Millenium. Thanks Terry and Dennis! We're still working on KINK. They've supported my music in the past, so hopefully it's a matter of time before they come around and bring back jb to the listeners. Feel free to call and let them know....
I got to meet "it mom" Holly Resnick who does her own show in Portland about being as far as I can tell, the coolest mom out there. (her shows vary from skydiving, skating, cooking, going to see Jonatha Brooke shows, you get the idea)

My hotel was like those travelocity ads where the woebegone traveler has forgotten to check the details about his plans. I was overlooking a massive construction pit. (see below) construction always starts bright and early. Yup, 7am.

Then off to Seattle, where the lovely Easy Street peeps made it a joy to perform and hang out. I do altogether way too much shopping at these in-store gigs. And then I have to carry all my loot with me!! 
Thanks to Bob Major, Matt, Janine, and our ryko rep Kim for all the love.

Paul Mitchell, as always on sound!

(also got to visit my favorite Seattle store… "Alhambra" Tell them I sent you.) Unusual, yummy, dangerous accoutrements.
Now, fast forward to lovely Denmark, (more coming soon about the first two band gigs! Got to hang out with my favorite photographer, Linda Hansen. She's done all the photos from the last two records. And she's always a willing subject too. We're putting together a series of Linda in bad glasses. 

somehow the glasses never look as good on me!!

Linda also has an exhibit coming up called: "No Pain, No Gain" some amazing shots of women in labor. And, my absolute favorite, her series of her son's plastic animals called "Life In Plastic" Her website is under construction, but we'll keep you posted.

Rich's cymbals got lost somewhere between JFK and Copenhagen, somehow my guitars made it. But we're all in one piece and itching to PLAY. 
See you there!!!



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