Toftlund and Copenhagen

Denmark this time was spectacular. We only had two shows, but it was a whirlwind of love. And we did find Rich's cymbals by the second show. (Of course they lost my guitars on the way home..... but all's recovered now) sheesh, travelling is not for the faint of heart.
Anyway, we started in Toftlund where I did a workshop at the Musikogteater school.

There were lots of cool young artists with great questions and aspirations!
Our host Soomi and one of the other teachers Kerstin were unbelievable. We felt like princes and a princess, really. They left no desire unattended!

(Kerstin on the left, Soomi on the right) 
Then, that night after the workshop, after an unbelievable traditional Indian dinner cooked by Soomi, we did a concert at the school. they had brought in all the production and built the stage from scratch. Brilliant. Who knew they could do so much in the middle of Toftlund!

I even got my own private banner.

There was some festivity backstage after the show 

The techies...

the sweeties

Then back to Copenhagen where the band, again rocked my socks off. It was another great evening for us. Thank you to all who came and made these gigs possible. And thanks to my band for travelling so far and working so hard.

Me and Goffrey

Rich and Whynot
the ever young Paul Mitchell

I was so sad to leave.... my ever loaded luggage trolley.

Tomorrow we start up in the states. Come see us wherever you are, wherever we are. I promise a good time.




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