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It's been way too long since I've been in Pittsburgh. What a great town. I got to catch up a little with my pal Rosemary Welch at WYEP. We go waaaay back. 

I was the live lunchtime show with some very live listeners in the new studio. It's a great facility, very progressive, green, so send them all your money at the next pledge drive. We need stations like WYEP to keep working musicians alive.

(WYEP listener concert)

Chicago was a treat, I've never played the Old Town School and it was a perfect lovely evening. Now I know what everyone's talking about.

Ann Arbor, say no more. It's always like coming home there. Some of my very first gigs were at the Ark, and I've always felt such a camaraderie with the A2 audience. And I know I say it every time, but Zingerman's always makes my day. The turkey Reuben is TO DIE!!! And they have this new chocolate that is off the hook incredible. It's called BRUT de sao tome. Dark rich deeeeep, and a little granular, like great parmesan. I stocked up for sure.
Then off to do some gigs with the band. We got to hang with our pal Grady in New York. He always gives us great fashion advice, (for instance, how to wear that ultra hip pocket square from 45rpm)

Philly, Alexandria, all dreamy. I love my job!
We ended up in Boston, home town. It was a real treat. Andrea Valentini of the fabulous Valentini bags stopped by...

I, for one, am never without my fabulous red bump bag....

Completing the fashionista week. It turns out everyone is now wearing PFFLYERS. (Even Mika, my fave new artist, see his liner photos) And of course everyone in the JB entourage now has a pair!! (thank you Pierre!!)

I went on from the band bliss to another few dates solo. Lovely intimate events. Thank you all who came and made it feel so amazing to play. Baltimore, yeah you were few but you were FABULOUS!


Northampton was really a treat. Back to my roots. And there were some crazy fun circus peeps performing after me who let me try out my hula hoop chops.

Pals Andrea and Pierre whom you may recognize from web craziness, were there in fine form.

Many thanks to all along the way. Lots of mom daughter/ dad daughter teams on this mother's day weekend. It's so incredible to see families sharing in the musical taste. 

Love to all, on to Madison, Lousiville, and Minneapolis this week.




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