photo: Sandrine Lee 

Opened for Judy Collins in Tacoma last Saturday. The rain squalls and rainbows came and went with equal fanfare! It was quite a display - more biblical moments than I ever remember witnessing in one afternoon. I actually had a great time and hopefully the audience wasn't too drenched and frozen by the end. It was lovely to finally witness Judy's particular magic, and to hear her with a full orchestra. Nothing better than that SOUND.

Home last night and already frantically signing the new CD's and filling the padded mailers so they reach you all before the 26th. I always love seeing hundreds of them strewn across the dining room table waiting for their destinations. Like penguins crowding the edge of the water before they jump.

My gorgeous, talented superhero pal Andrea Scher is also doing an album giveaway on her site: https://www.superherodesigns.com/journal/ (you have until Monday eve to visit and comment and be in the running!)

There is some other great stuff coming on the web. A little interview I did with "Fingertips." https://www.fingertipsmusic.com/brooke-qa1.htm

I also spent some time with the funky guys at IMEEM while I was in San Francisco. We taped two live songs somewhere at large in the city (actually someone's funky garage door in, yup, 'south park.') That stream should be up soon. And I also did a really cool interview with Steven Rosenfeld that should be up on the ASCAP web site soon. Word is that "The Works" will also be reviewed in People Magazine. All good things.

The site has changed a bit to reflect the vibe of the new record. New Pix coming soon, and hopefully our little EPK will be streaming soon too. For now, go check it out on the myspace page. It's a good way to get into the record before you click the BUY button! Go ahead!! I promise you won't be disappointed. There are lots of details in the liner notes that you can't quite include in a download. Postscripts that Woody included in his lyrics, original stuff from the archives. I am bursting with it. Honest.

Finally, how about that Michael Phelps?

More soon.



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