six week hip

I had my six week check up with Dr. Pellicci - he's the surgeon that did my new bionic HIP! “Wow,” he says, “You’re flying!" I'm officially allowed to touch my toes again, (thank goodness, because that elliptical machine? BORING!!!!!!)

- bone is melding nicely with my new hardware. And he gave me an official ‘spare parts card’ to show them at the airport in case I set off the alarms! Psych!

In the sweetest moment of the visit, Mary who works in the office said in her gorgeous Irish lilt, "I really love that 'eye in the sky' that you do..."

Made my DAY!

In case you DIDN'T hear about the PledgeMusic Campaign. WOW. It's knocking my socks off.

(ceremonial passing of the torch. readying the "starsky and hutch" t-shirt for its generous pledger, slowly moving on to my new "bionic woman" t-shirt.)

I had felt like I was gone so long... So many plans were postponed when I moved Mom to New York. So now that "I'm back" - I made no assumptions... The attention span is so fleeting, we are all so busy, life is getting longer and shorter all at once! Needless to say, it's incredible to be creating again.

Please keep spreading the word! We were very conservative with our goal, so anything that comes in will help us make a beautiful package, hire a publicist, bring the show on the road. If you might be someone who would buy the album anyway, think of it as pre-ordering and helping the cause in a really practical way!! (and you get pledger only updates and advance little ditties)

I am working on arrangements, I am obsessed with baritone and alto flute, accordion, bass clarinet, cello. Gil Goldstein and I - you might remember him from the arrangement on "After the Tears" or the gorgeous accordion ditty "Coney Island Intro" on The Works - we're taking on the new songs. Swoon. 

Mostly, thank you! Stay safe. More very soon.



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