MIXING Accomplished!!


"Levon," the mixing Kitty

I just got back from mixing In LA with Bob Clearmountain. A little bittersweet as I do love the process so much, I always feel a little bereft when I complete something. We are mastering on June 12. And then... I'm thinking PLEDGERS will get their advance download shortly after THAT. Now if that isn't a reason to pledge, I don't know what is!!! CDs will take longer for art, manufacturing, mailing. Either way, Pledging gets you music the soonest!


"Charlie," Bob's Grammy-in-law's dog

I was reminded, making today's video, that my Mom wrote a poem called "Words About Writing" - not sure when, but it's one of my faves. In the poem she is telling a younger writer that a poem is like a wild animal. You must coax it, leave crumbs but stay away. Wait. Listen. And "Start Again more than you ever dreamed you could."

Well, I stole that line for the new song called "Scars" that's playing behind the video. I know she'd be thrilled. In fact there are two songs in the play and on the record that I consider collaborations with Mom. I am hoping she is still listening somewhere.

There are still tickets left for the Connecticut debut of "4 Noses." I hear the Yankee Peddler Hotel across the street from the theatre is haunted and will give you a good rate if you mention my show...Just sayin'.... ROAD TRIP!



More very soon.



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