Minneapolis Playwright's Center

We spent last week at the Playwright's Center in Minneapolis. A luxurious five days working on the details, lights, transitions, slides, ACTING!! of "My Mother Has Four Noses!"

(My husband Patrick has about 400 cousins, uncles, sisters, aunts there. So a couple of the shows were almost like family reunions. Thank you Rainses, Malones, Donneys.)

Most importantly, Jeremy Cohen helped us hone and shine the production ideas we've so longed for.

From the time I wrote the song called "TIME" on a tiny kalimba at a kitchen table in Malibu, the October before my mother died, I knew it would be the heartbreak song of whatever became of my writing, the record, the play.

And there it was! That vision finally came to life. The lights slowly dimming to a lonely devastating soul moment. It is almost impossible to sing (in the best way!) when all the elements combine to raise the emotional ante!

I got to perform the show 4 times in a row for wildly different yet equally generous audiences. The support and love in that room? Indelible.

I found new things I'd never noticed before in my own words. The funny was funnier, the poignant ever more so.

Thank you Ryan Ripley for tech and everything else on the fly; Tim Wilkins, for lights and  cheer; Abbi Butterfield for impeccable slide timing and joy; Rebecca Arons for brilliant cello artistry; and Sean Driscoll for magical guitar ambiance and MD chops.

Thank you Julia Brown and EVeryone at the Playwright's Center for all the help.

Paul Mitchell, I just don't sound right if you're not there. I can never thank you enough.

Jeremy, my heart is forever grateful and opened. You got my piece, and me, and kept us safe. Onward, baby.

Philly here we come!!



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