I am curating my little set list for my concert at SUB CULTURE. You'd think I'd never done this before!! I guess an Off-Broadway run is  a little different than a JBro evening, but I swear I'm tongue tied and nervous like a newbie.


But I'm the one who always says, "If I'm not terrified then why bother." Medicine I will dutifully take! 

I am realizing that much got put on hold when I moved mom in in 2010. New record? nope. Touring? nope. Writing? Yes, but a very new kind, born of survival instinct - hence "4 Noses." I keep forgetting that there IS finally a new record... Did you get yours? 4 NOSES THE RECORD!

But my old routine has been jumbled for four years now. I used to make a record, tour, write, rinse, repeat! Now every day brings a different assignment. I'm working on three new musicals, still chipping away at a larger book idea, and planning other cities for "4 Noses."  So there is no routine. And like it or not, everything is speculative. The music business has changed drastically. From some decent digital revenue (I-Tunes was a great model while there were still people buying music) to none. Streaming is lovely and wicked convenient, but does little to sustain the life of the working musician.

Ok, so, onward. There are still great opportunities, stiff upper lip and all that. It is kind of funny that the left turn the universe threw me was Musical Theatre - probably the least stable alternative.

But I love my job. I get to write. I get to sing. I don't know where the next paycheck will come from, but I do know I still have a lot to say, and I'm not done saying it.

So, I hope you can come to Sub Culture on August 14. I've invited some stellar musicians to join me.... Rich Mercurio, Ben Butler, Kate Spingarn, Gil Goldstein, Tiger Darrow, and Jo Lawry. What could be better than THAT??

I might try a new song. And I will delve deep into the archives for some old beauties.

Hope you can make it.
See you THERE.






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