I am working on tricks and treats for my next songwriting workshop in Nashville. There are a few spots left so I'm hoping you will JUMP IN HERE!

I am so excited to get back in the room with you all. I am always inspired by what you bring to the table. Your stories, your history. Every bit of it? Treasure. Digging in to the nitty gritty of creativity is sacred work. 

I always tell the class that I'm probably more terrified than THEY are, - but it's an exquisite and noble terror - facing the page.

For those of you on the fence or intimidated, or stuck with the "I suck" knob pinned on 11? I promise I'm not scary, fancy or exclusive. It is pure, safe fun. Summer camp for songs. I'm just the goofy counselor helping you with those paddle strokes for your canoe trip. 

Check out video from our first two workshops here: JB Workshop!

In other news: We finished mastering the new record Midnight. Hallelujah. Friday evening. Oh my!

Bob Clearmountain (pictured with fab engineers Sergio Ruelas jr. and Brandon Duncan) mixed the record, and Bob Ludwig mastered it. My dream team. I am so very lucky to have been working with these giants for so many years. We are almost like family now.

You can help support the new album here: Midnight. Hallelujah 

And this week I'm doing a little read-through workshop of a new musical I've been writing with Geoffrey Nauffts, Sheryl Kaller directing, - working title "Switched."  I cannot wait to finally hear some of these songs and words in a room with our extraordinary actors/singers.

got my red devil wig ready:

Lord, it sure is staying interesting around here!

More very soon! And thanks, as always for your support.











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