i'll answer to anything at this point

I searched for myself on I-tunes yesterday. I wanted to see what would happen. (Yes, I was checking up on the new single...)

I did find myself, nonetheless I-Tunes, ever helpful asked me: "Did you mean Jonathan Brake?"


This used to make me crazy. When I was a kid I always got the puzzled look when I would show up. People were pretty sure I was a girl, but there was the hair, and my name, corrected to Jonathan on the list... and so - (thinking they were sooooo clever) - they would ask: "So, were your parents expecting a boy?"


For the record. Once and for all. NO. My parents were not expecting a boy. I have two older brothers and I have to imagine (although I am an orphan now, and can no longer ask) that, YES, by all credible sources, my parents were thrilled I was a girl.


No one in my family ever called me Jonatha though. Early on, I was Miss Peach, Lady Bubblegum, strangers called me "Ginger," and "Red."

In highschool, I thought it would be easier just to go by "Jo." Perhaps it didn't make gender any more obvious for strangers, but once you were in the know it made sense. I liked the tomboyishness and ease. Two letters.


I'm not as devastated now when I get the question or the funny look. In fact it's funny. My husband's name is Pat Rains. Gender neutral as it gets. Just the other day on the plane back from LA, the poor flight attendant could not get it straight. "Mr. Brooke, can I get you the Chardonnay or the Pinot Grigio?" ... and for you Mrs. Rains? We happily play along. I become Patricia, and he is Jonathan.

Jonathan and Patricia


Johanna, Jo-NAYtha, JohnaTHANa!!! You can call me Jo if it's easier, but I'll answer to anything that starts with a J.


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