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Traveling was so glamorous back in the day. Some people even got dressed up to get on a plane. Now women are getting thrown OFF of planes for wearing overly suggestive ensembles. Most days, I am just begging for the minimum. Please get me where I need to go in time to do my job. And please don't break or lose my guitar.

The assaults are multiple. I had to take many planes last week. Not one of them was particularly clean. Two smelled beyond awful of poo. Another had multiple screaming children at a decibel level I have never before encountered. And one plane was so broken, that I had to beg two ground guys (Thank you Curtis and colleague at AA) "please, if you can just get my guitar...." pay 450 bucks to another Airline, and run from one end of the Denver airport to the other in order to make it to my concert in Phoenix. After the new ticket and the shopping trip to Target to find something to wear on stage (Suitcase arrived after the show was over) obviously my take was pretty meager. But I'm a sucker for a good story.

I made it home without a hitch yesterday, and the gorgeous sunset was free!


Home is that much lovelier today. And I am so very grateful for everyone who rose to the occasion to help me. Patrick, Joel, Bob, Jenissa, Stephanie (loaned me her gorgeous Collings guitar) at the MIM in Phoenix. THANK YOU. And Linda, my new BFF, the ambassador of the place... who took me to Target and grabbed every single thing I ended up wearing! ... I would do it again, just for the cameraderie and fun we had under pressure.

Final tally? I still love my job, - the daily assaults are nothing compared to the joys of the electric connections of people and music, live in a room.

Some of the highlights of my travels:

Seeing the exquisite one man show "The Absolute Brightness of Leonard Pelkey" by James Lecesne at the Globe in San Diego. Riveting, stunning. See it, read it, live it. The exhibit of sneakers created by local kids brought me to tears.

My workshop in San Diego. These two lovelies collaborated on a heartbreaking song called "Long Time Coming" in our last little "quick and dirty" photo exercise.

Mission Bay with my bird friend Fred.

Tuesday night, a beautiful woman gave me her crazy furry coat.

Wednesday was the embrace of so many old and new friends in LA. And of course Paul Mitchell rocking the House Sound.

Thursday, I got to see my niece Hilary and we worked on our "stink face."

Friday was an amazing night in tiny town in Winters. Thank you Nora and Steven. This little bear was my dressing room charm, and I finally have reconciled myself, I am my mother. I dress like a clown

Saturday I got to sing at a beautiful house concert in Boulder. The shenanigans in the kitchen after the show were a definite highlight. A gazillion kudos to Russ and Diane.

And of course, Phoenix, thanks to Patrick and Linda, Curtis and Target, the show definitely went on!!

I do love my job. And I do know how lucky I am to get to know all of you along the way. So, thank you.




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