chris kluwe

I can't believe Squam is over again. I don't even have much to show for it. Just a heart full of love. A feeling of plenty, and plenty more to go around. hanging out, (ok there were cocktails too) - and dancing crazily with that many artists, and creative spirits just does that.

I do have some things to chat about.... a few things in the hopper.


First, I get to sing a couple of songs with my pal Nolwenn Leroy in Meaux, France. at the Muzikelles Festival.

I don't know much about the festival, but I know Nolwenn's had an AWESOME year, her latest record is beautiful and MASSIVE.  And I know, me + France = good.


Here's a video from our last little duet "Aucune Idee"


Then Next Tuesday, Keri Noble, Chastity Bronw and I will get cranking on the Marriage Equality issue in Minneapolis, MN.


If we're very very lucky, Chris Kluwe might come sit in on a tune. Yup. He plays bass.

Chris Kluwe, for those of you out of the "amazing-football-dudes-who-stick-their-necks-out-to-support-gay-marriage" loop, is a punter for the Vikings, and has been quite vocal lately.... check this out:


And then there is some exciting stuff brewing here at Bad Dog Records.  More very soon.


Cheers, and a fine St. Emilion.




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