TOYFLAND, forever in our hearts

(Kerstin, Karsten, JB, Soomi)


These beautiful people brought us back to a tiny school in the middle of Denmark - Toftlund. And boy were we happy to be there.


It's an incredible music, theatre, arts, production, dance school, kind of like fame.


We felt like we were the Beatles. They treated us like absolute musical ROYALTY. We had many many assistants.

and many many friends

Knud Daamgard showed up, (thank god) with a lovely loaner guitar because my guild Valencia split practically in HALF at the last gig in UK. :(


God Bless KNUD!!


My first treat was a suprise. 5 sets of the music students had taken the words and the chords from "My Sweet and Bitter Bowl" and created their own melodies and arrangements. I was in tears from the get go. They had such beautiful imaginative ideas, So creative, so different, each one from the next. I will treasure these moments. REALLY.


the beautiful arts building.

Then I gave a workshop. So much fun, great questions!! Perfect audience!

Then Ben gave a guitar hero workshop!!

They jammed for almost twenty minutes on that song by KANSAS. ("carry on your.... wayward? whatever")


We had an amazing fun gig. Full on fans with lighters and dancing and waving arms in the front row. I'm sure someone will send a picture of that, as I was busy singing!!


And then, too bad, I found my new look after the concert was over, in the costume department.

Thank you so much TOFYLAND. We will never forget our magical perfect day.

soomi and jb


soomi and gail


the last supper!


A bientot. we LOVE You!!!


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