Primary Colors

OK, I know the real primary colors are red, yellow and blue, right? But yesterday everywhere I looked I saw red, yellow and green. Was I feeling the Rasta pull? The door I passed on my way to Brooklyn... with my birthday, no less...


The bittersweet in one lovely brownstone front...


the peeling painted wall near my knitting store...


and then, when I got to Ben's place in Brooklyn to work on a gorgeous Patty Larkin song, there it was! - all I want for Christmas - a TOY PIANO in, you guessed it, red, yellow and green.


I felt like Schroeder from 'Peanuts' plunking away at a moody outro. The piano kept pulling it reggae. I reeled it back. There's nothing like an out of tune toy piano to really lift a song up.

and finally, for the "Blue Christmas" fans.... the third primary color for real. A blue accordion to cool the fire. The spectrum was complete. My work was done.


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