damn everything but COLORADO

Maybe it all started in seventh grade. I just realized,  on stage, in Sellersville last week. When I was twelve, (which was, as many of you know, the worst year of my life….) my mom got a motorcycle. Ok, for some that would be cool. But that same month she decided to take a course in clowning at the adult education center in town. She came home in white face, red nose, Harpo Marx wig, bowler hat, and a new name: "Stoney the Clown." My brothers and I were mortified. She changed her personal stationery to have this cute heading "damn everything but the circus." She even had her best friend Nancy make her a big polka dotted clown suit. She would look for parades in the newspaper and show up at the tail end, imitating the other people marching, blowing bubbles at little kids, honking her Harpo Marx horn.


Stoney, "Rex," my dad.


It finally hit me, this may have been the beginning of my uncomfortable fascination with the circus. Here were the seeds. "Blood from a stone;" my trilogy of songs about the carny circus girl I danced long ago. My obsession with the trapeze. All coming back to me now. Am I really my mother?

In other news! Colorado rocked. It has been way too long, and I promise now not to be a stranger any more. I had a lovely visit with my old pals at KBCO.

jb and Marcus


I sang some songs for their Studio C sessions. Talked I-phone apps with Marcus and Andy. Most of  our ideas cannot be mentioned here. ;)


The Soiled Dove was a great place to play. Thank you Chris and Chris!!

Not a bad seat in the house, perfect disco ball, and what a stellar crowd. Thank you so much for turning out in STYLE. Thanks for the help with the merch Jeff!!


Jeff Uhrlaub, jb



Durango, love it. I knew everything would be fabulous when I showed up at the Hertz counter and they gave me a pimped out black Cadillac with Illinois plates. Now that's stylin.' We slid on over to KSUT, in Ignacio:

a tri-ethnic community! (forgot to ask which three.)


to do a little set for Stasia and Beth and Kenny. What a beautiful little station. Passionate, free, and thankfully big supporters of JB.

Stasia and JB


Beth, JB


Ft. Lewis College's stage? GORGEOUS.

There was a wind tunnel on the stage due to a relentless dust storm season (thank you for the jacket, whoever you were!) but what a beautiful hall. I didn't mind the concert grand Steinway at all. And the altitude made it a bit wacky and dizzy and extra fun on the high notes. Thanks to Charles, Denise, Beth, John and Josh and LeeAnn for hanging afterwards.

josh, jb


LeeAnn and JB


It was our last night on the road for a while, so we toasted Durango, and coasted back to our B&B.

 This place even has its own parlor for the Tuba


 and a crushed horn wall of fame!


Two lovely breakfast burritos later, home to LGA and 90 degree humidity. Oh New York.
More news about the new "Taste of Danger" soon – I think it turned out SLAMMING, and will pump a little new life in to THE WORKS. It ain't over yet for this little baby.


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