friday the 13th, oh my

Oh gosh. So much build up. I was finally going to see Bob Harris again at BBC 2. He has been so supportive of my music over the years. Then he had some kind of mishap on the way to the studio Tuesday.


I was heartbroken, and so was my friend Elizabeth, the goddess who started the SQUAM ART WORKSHOPS. (Have you signed up yet?) She listens to him religiously in her studio in Sandwich, New Hampshire. In fact, I even forged a Valentine to Bob from Elizabeth, and had to hand it off to the engineer. (got her town wrong. damn)

 Oh, may the Valentine reach him anyway, may the fixing of the teeth be a success.


We taped four songs anyway. Produced by Mark Simpson, and engineered by Nick, whose last name escaped me. Many thanks.

Mark, Nick, JB


London is of course cold, damp, brutal on the bones. I'm obsessed with these trees I keep seeing that look like they've had their fingers cut off.

Poor fingerless buggers.

After the BBC taping, we had a little celebration with my UK team, Phil Knox-Roberts, and Kim Heath. Antonio from the little restaurant we found called Sergio's took such good care of us.

There was lots of love in the room.

Phil P-K and Kim Heath


JB and ??


Then Paris, I went with my little dictionnaire poche in hand and worked on a couple songs en francais with the ever glowing Nolwenn Leroy.

I'm very excited about our ideas. And I even got a home cooked gorgeous meal with Nolwenn's mother and sister. Bisous and mille mercis!


Then right back to London this morning for  a little more promotion...

Funny thing there's this pub right near where I stay called the h‘eight bells.'

(the small cosy pub with a big personality, no less)


and I've just been listening to a sprite named Amy Seeley who I learned about from Denise Andrade (Photographer extraordinaire.) Her new record is called "Eight Belles." It's like entering a magic kingdom. Check it OUT! Oh, and BUY it when you fall in love with her voice!

Ooh, and this just in. I will see Bob Harris! All is not lost. Tomorrow at midnight here in London. We'll meet again! I just may need to make ANOTHER Valentine.

I won't get to see Dollhouse here. But I'm taping it at home for when I get back. Have some wine for me and toast Mr. Whedon and Ms Dushku.




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