April 1999 Journal

April 1999 Journal...

So, I'm back again. Been doing the Borders Love tour. So cool that so many people showed up. Thanks. I ended up getting sucked into the fiction stacks. No way I could carry all the books I kept buying, -- but I had to have them. There's something so comforting about a stack of hardcovers in your hotel room.

I also did a radio summit kind of gig in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It's always cool to hang out and listen to the bands you never get to see. Duke Daniels was awesome, Lynn Miles, Wes Cunningham, the Nields. The high point I think was singing "In the Gloaming" at sunset - the stage was right next to the beach. Clouds ablaze, fuchsia and lavender explosions. I talked myself into going parasailing the morning before we left.

What an amazing feeling lifting off and floating to 700 feet above. At one point I happened to glance at the metal carabineer attaching me to the parachute - it was half open. GASP. That's why they had me sign the release form before I hooked up. I happened to be right above the rocks of the breakwater at that moment. What a rush, that kind of fear, better than caffeine. I suppose I'd rather go fast and furious than slow and knowing.

OK! Do I really want to do this?

A view from on high.


Can I do that again?

Coming in for a landing.

So I'm gearing up for the next leg of the new venture. The tour to support the new live record. And fleshing out new ideas for the next studio album. Battling the "I suck" anti-Muse. She's such a bitch.

Anyway the response so far has been lovely, overwhelming and so kind. Thank you for all of your belief, this little record is doing better than anything I've done on a major label. So keep spreading the word, giving them as gifts, and generally being your cool selves. Every little bit...

Hanging out with Dennis Constantine & Kevin Welch of KINK Radio in Portland

Love, chocolate and good books,


P.S. Bug your radio stations about "Cuz I told You So", It would be amazing if that little song could make it's way into the big bad world. 


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