February 2004 Journal

February 2004 Journal...

The record comes out in stores tomorrow!!! (February 24th). Time seems to be compressing. All that working and waiting on the details and the plans of the release and now it's here and I feel unprepared. Thank you all for your amazing reviews and responses on the web site. You give me confidence as I gear up for the frenzy. The 4am wake up calls, the three flight days, the overnight drives. You guys really make it all a pleasure. The gigs are still the reward.

We did a bunch of rehearsals with the band for the New York shows. It's so exciting when the music starts to gel and there's a vibe in the room. Goffrey Moore (guitar) is back, Darren Embry (bass and vocals) is back. Rich Mercurio is our new drummer (New York, fabulous), and Anne Marie Milazzo (New York, also fabulous) is singing and playing various instruments. I couldn't be more excited about the band and the shows.

There are new teaser video clips on the site of our first day of rehearsal. Anne Marie showed up with a clarinet and broke my heart when she played it on "Sally." Rich knocked me out when he figured out how to play the kitchen timer part on "It Matters Now."

We also made a video for "Better After All." One day we shot completely outside (February in New York, ouch!) and the other was on location. I can't wait to see the final cut. The director is Emily Branham, a young hot shot from New York. The crew was unbelievable. They worked so hard for so little. I want to thank them all. We should be able to stream the video here soon and thank them all by name. There's also a little clip of the song we made up while we were freezing our butts off. That should be up here shortly too.

I'd also like to thank Stephanie Pappas at Bad Dog/ PRA for keeping it all together with the tickets, addresses, labels, postage. Organizing the big mailing was no small feat, and the return address labels and the gold pen autographs were her idea and seem to be a big hit.

What else? Come to New York!! I can't say enough about the vibe of the Anspacher Theatre, and the songs we're putting together for the show. There really is not a bad seat in the house. And playing for ten nights in the same room will be such a treat for us. Unfortunately, I won't be able to take this show everywhere I'll be touring. The economic reality is pretty brutal. So we just have to sell a bunch of records!! You never know. Anything could happen!

Meanwhile, we're working on some new t-shirt ideas, they should be ready for the New York shows. And we're making a limited printing of the album art photos by Linda Hansen. They will be numbered and signed by both of us. It's a great way to support Bad Dog and own some original art!!

See you all very soon. All the best, and Happy late Valentine's day!


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