June 2006 Journal

June 2006 Journal...

The ever brilliant Bob Clearmountain, and his ever lovely bride Betty Bennett' MIXING the new records So we've been working away on the final details of BOTH new records. So strange to have twins.

We found a great little design company in Paris called 'atelier octopus' and they've done the artwork for both the Live In New York DVD/CD and the new record Careful What You Wish For.

You can pre-order, finally, the DVD on the website and we should have it to you within a month. It's a dual disc package, one designated DVD of the entire concert, some babble, some great extra footage, and one designated CD - just the songs in fabulous extra million bit stereo (I'm so technical). That way you can keep one in your car, and leave one at home wherever you have your couch potato room.

Thank you again, all who contributed to the fundraiser, some of you two and three times. We honestly couldn't have done it without you. Your copies will be the first to be signed and shipped.

The DVD will be available in stores early fall, in the MUSIC section  that way we won't get lost with X-Men 10 and the Disney catalogue.

In other bits:

My new favorite things are: the book The Sea by John Banville. It's just so rich and dense; great, great language;Middlesex (finally got around to reading it); the new Randy Crawford and Joe Sample record Feeling Good coming out in Europe in the fall and here next year; the Weepies' new record Say I am You; Michel Cluizel 85% chocolat noir.

That ought to do it for now. Coming soon, a little teaser clip from the new DVD. Let everyone know the record's finally here.

And thanks, as always for your support


For all wondering about the song list, the extras, the tid bits, here's the "set list" from the DVD/CD Jonatha Brooke Live in New York.

Damn everything but the circus
Better after all
Red dress Love is more thicker than forget
Because I Told You So
Room in my Heart
Steady Pull
Everything I wanted
So Much Mine
No Net Below

The audio CD has only the songs, (better for car listening)

But the DVD has extra rehearsal footage, some banter and miscellany, some behind the scenes knick knacks.

Hope you'll all enjoy it.

Jonatha And Bob Ludwig mastering the new records at Gateway Mastering, Portland, Maine.


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