November 2000
November 2000 Journal

November 2000 Journal...


Click below to view video footage of Jonatha in the studio recording her new album "Steady Pull":

In The Studio, Part 1

In The Studio, Part 2


Street date for "Steady Pull" looks like February 13. Finally! We'll probably start pushing the first song at radio during the first week of January. Looks like it will be "Linger". Can't wait.

Lately we've been working on interview footage for the DVD. A conversation with me and Bob Clearmountain in the control room. Ya know, how we put stuff together, all the new instruments we invented on the fly. The ins and outs of "Steady Pull." Then some Q and A with me, all about the songs, the process, how to make a good cappucino under pressure. We're also going to record some performance footage this weekend for more DVD fun.

The artwork for the CD is coming along fabulously. My mom's happier because I'm wearing more clothing than on the Live record, but she doesn't like the blurry part on the cover. Oh well. Everyone else who's seen it thinks it rocks.

We're working with Liquid Audio on getting our download idea in order. So that if you buy the album in advance, starting in December you'll receive a download every ten days or so that will time out once the album arrives at your door.

What elseĀ….. I've been enjoying everybody's top ten lists. Thanks for your fervor. I guess Election night was quite a tedious ride, what else could you do but come up with top ten lists. And at this sitting it's not over yet. Florida! Who knew?? Every vote really did count, or not get counted... oops

I'm recording four songs in French next week. There's a songwriter in Paris with whom I have a great rapport. She's done some beautiful translations for me. So we'll see. I also may set some of her lyrics to music and see what happens. It's all very new, a bit daunting, but fun trying.

Disney is still working on their sequel to Peter Pan and it looks like it will be a feature release for Christmas 2002 (Ya never really know). I wrote one song and sang the opening title -"The Second Star to the Right". I think it'll be really gorgeous.

"Linger" will be featured in a film that's premiering at Sundance this winter, and will be released sometime after that. The movie's called "Julie Johnson," directed by Bob Gosse (Niagara Niagara) and starring Lily Taylor, Courtney Love, and Spalding Gray. Good things.

In January I'll be at Midem in the south of France doing an acoustic showcase. Then a three day seminar/clinic at the Copenhagen Conservatory of Music (in Copenhagen!) and we're hoping to add some shows while we're over the ocean.

So I plan to tour pretty constantly once "Steady Pull" comes out. Hopefully I'll be able to get close enough wherever you all are to make it feasible to come out. We're also trying to find clubs and theatres that will allow all ages shows so that everyone can come. I'd love your feedback on THAT.

I'm releasing this album independently so I'm going to need every bit of help I can get. Word of mouth, sending them as gifts, calling your radio stations. It all helps. I would love "Steady Pull" to get a chance to be heard. So thanks already for your anticipation and support and belief.