September 2013
Music for Dressage

After Fringe Fest, Dar Williams, Eric Bazilian ("What if God Was One of Us?") and Rob Hyman ("Time After Time") -Oh Yeah, and they ARE the HOOTERS.... got together to rehearse for a WXPN special donor event.

Pam Carter had graciously bid on the four of us when WXPN auctioned us off as a high end concert foursome. WELL! What a great idea! I adore these people, and I adore there music, so we had a blast getting inside each others songs, finding new parts, preparing our hybrid show.

Pam has an inside dressage ring... her pony "China" just won the Nationals in her class in Kentucky, and got second all around, so we're not talking minor leagues here.

Saturday, we got to play in China's ring. Heaven. I forget how much I miss my pals until I get a chance to hang. We are all so busy, that these collaborative chances are rare. But what a reminder not to get isolated. Thank you Pam for bringing us together for this magical evening.

And, China, thanks for sharing your domain with us!!




Philly. THANK YOU!

It was a crazy good night last night. Top ten!!

Thank you for the amazing response. Thank you for the deep listening.. the open eyes, ears, hearts - embracing this new hybrid venture of mine.

THANK YOU Philly! Thank you WXPN! Thank you Pam Carter! Thank you ALL!


There's another song up on the Pledge Site for my beautiful pledgers - still helping to make this little dream a reality.


Did I say THANK YOU?




Neuchatel Angels

It was October of 2010. Not long after I moved my mother to New York. I think I was still in shock. (We had no idea what we'd gotten ourselves into! Luckily my husband's sister Julie had joined the team - the only reason I was able to leave....

I had an invitation to open for the exquisite Nolwenn Leroy at the Olympia in Paris. The Olympia is a magical, hallowed hall. Everyone who is anyone has performed on this stage. Its reputation is unparalleled. You feel it... if these wall could talk.

Outside the stage door I met two waifs who had come all the way from Neuchatel Switzerland to see Nolwenn. They were desperate for an autograph, a quick hello, a photo. Security was fierce but I promised them I would do my best.

In the end, as I had no guests of my own, no entourage, I figured, well, THEY'LL be MY entourage, - they are incredibly sweet, they will certainly do no harm, and maybe I can get them a couple pictures with Nolwenn. They hung out with me backstage after the concert. I shared my wine and chocolate with them, and a kind of new age exchange program was born.

I've seen them now a few other times. We met in Montreux when I was there for the Jazz Festival. Gwendoline and her boyfriend Patrick were just in New York celebrating their success graduating from architecture college, on the brink of new lives and careers. They send me indescribably decadent chocolate on my birthday.

They just sent me these pictures from the shores of a beautiful swiss lake. Even their grandmother got in on the fun.  I'd call that "sweetest angels" in this world!

Gros gros bisous mes 4 anges suisses!!